Heraldic site of Sergey Panasenko


Picture Gallery of artist Sergey Petrovich Panasenko (Mikhalkin).

Painting. Still lifes.


"Lilac". 1995.


"Chrysanthemum". 1989.


"Autumnal still life". 1993.


"Still life with camomile". 1995.


"Still life". 1990.


"Still life with bananas". 1990.


"Roses and fruits". 1997.


"Lilac". 1991.


"Lily of valleys and forget-me-nots". 1994.


"Flowers and mushrooms". 1994.


"Flowers (guelder rose and lilac)". 1993.


"Still life with yellow lilys". 1993.


"Still life with mushrooms". 1990.


"Still life with roses". 1990.


"Peonies". 1995.


"Forget-me-nots". 1991.


"Chrysanthemum and quince". 1988.


"Lilac". 1995.


"Still life with chrysanthemum, dahlia, bananas and grapes". 1991.


"Lilac". 1994.


"Iris". 2001.



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