Heraldic site of Sergey Panasenko


Picture Gallery of artist Sergey Petrovich Panasenko (Mikhalkin).

Painting. Portraits.


The artist at work. Photo 1992.


"The Victoria". 1994.


"Portrait of the V. P. Khamidullina". 1995.


"The Marina". 1992.


"Portrait of the I. V. Repina". 1992.


"Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov". 2004.


"The Tatyana". 1989.


"Portrait of an old man". 1987.


"Portrait of the A. V. Repina". 1995.


"Portrait of model in beret". 1989.


"Portrait of the Marco Suessinger". 2002.


"Portrait of the Maya Suessinger". 2002.


"Portait of the Alesh Suessinger (Ales Sussinger)". 2004.


"Portrait of the academician V. S. Shevelukha". 1999.


"Portrait of the B. V. Gryzlov in uniform of Chairman of the State Council (of the 1855 pattern, Russian Empire). 2004.



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