Heraldic site of Sergey Panasenko


Picture Gallery of artist Sergey Petrovich Panasenko (Mikhalkin).

Painting. Landscapes.


"Country road in pine grove". 1996.


"Spring. Birchs". 1997.


"Calm small river". 1996.


"Landscape in field". 1990.


"April. Birchs". 1991.


"Autumn. Gogolevsky Boulevard (in the Moscow)". 1991.


"Country of the princes Troubetski". 1990.


"Winter forest". 1994.


"Autumn. Morning in birch grove". 1997.


"Forest in the Mari El". 1995.


"The Volga". 1999.


"Before rain". 1994.


"Stream in forest". 1999.


"Birchs. May". 1990.


"Country road in field". 1999.


"Autumnal day. The Sokolniki (in Moscow)". 1996.


"Landscape. The Ostankino (in Moscow)". 1992.


"Sunny day. Country road". 1995.


"Bears, bathing in stream". 2005.


"Autumn in the Ural Mountains". 1996.


"Wood lake". 1995.


"March. Trees an hillside". 1991.


"The Birch-trees. December". 1989.


"Landscape in the Opalikha". 1990.


"White willow". 1991.


"Winter landscape". 2003.


"Winter road. Around Moscow". 1990.


"Light future". 1989.


"The Astrakhan. The Pleshcheyeva Street". 1989.


"Early spring. The Astrakhan". 1988.


"Summer landscape. Around Moscow". 2001.


"Lake. Golden autumn". 1996.


"Morning on river". 2000.


"A Castle Schwerin. The Germany". 2002.


"Calm. Lake in mountains". 2003.


"In mountains of the Ossetia". 1999.


"Sea". 1999.


"Street of the Moscow (Polyanka)". 1997.


"Church in the Moscow". 1987.


"Kutuzovsky avenue. The Moscow". 1990.


"House of merchant Philippov on place of old russian town the Peremyshl-Moscowsky". 1991.


"The Astrakhan. Houses". 1990.


"Church of St. Vladimir in the Stary Sady (in the Moscow)". 1992.


"Church of the Holy Trinity in the Nikitniki (in the Moscow)". 1996.


"Winter in the Kolomenskoye (The Moscow)". 1997.


"The Svyatogorsky Uspensky monastery. The Kharkov's government (at present Donetsk region of the Ukraine)". 2007.


"Lake Bled in the Slovenia (Slovenija)". 2001.



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